For All the Mothers

Mother’s day is approaching and as the years go by, like so many others, I find myself appreciating my mother more and more. Every mother is unique in their own way, but the thread of motherhood is sown with humility, strength, grace and unconditional love. My mother is no longer alive, but her legacy will forever enrich the lives she touched so deeply. I am honored to pay tribute to her and all the mothers who have, like artists, with their passion and patience and vision, helped to sculpt us from tiny helpless infants into the strong, independent masterpieces that we are today. Like true artists, mothers seldom recognize their talents or the tremendous impact they have in our lives. So, for all the moms who underestimate their value and the role that they play in our lives every day, this is for you!

This is for the mom’s who:

primarily see their imperfections and not their worth
put their children first every day
smile despite being tired, in pain or feeling down
listen with an open heart
make the time to take their children to hockey, skating, soccer, ballet, swimming....
patiently help their kids with homework every night
go to work and then come home and take care of their family
make birthdays, graduations, and Christmas into memories that will always be treasured
see the light in you, even when you cannot
make you feel strong and capable even when you think you have failed
do not realize it is ok that they are not perfect
make you feel special and safe because you know there will always be someone who will love you unconditionally
teach us that we are here to learn and can be empowered not only by our successes, but by the gifts of our mistakes and imperfections
long after they have passed, fill our hearts with love and strength and beautiful memories

Finally, to all the mothers everywhere, thank you for loving us into being…I hope you know the job you do every day has tremendous worth that can never be measured, for each day you are a role model for love in action. Happy Mother’s Day!


It is not without
great pride,
bittersweet tears,
and the most comforting heart smiles
that I remember you,
with each passing year
I feel I love you better...
Your resilience and strength
and unconditional love
are an integral part of me,
as are your gifts of imperfection,
gifts I have come to lovingly embrace
as part of the wonderful legacy you leave behind,
wish we had more time,
wish when you were here
I knew the full wonder of your gift,
with ever lasting gratitude and love


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