Love’s Illusions

Today is Valentine’s day, a day when we celebrate the multifaceted thing called love. Considering it’s complex nature, I suppose it is not surprising that the day itself is both romanticized and met with cynicism. An optimist at heart, I for one think that any day we focus on love, is a good day, and even though it may not always live up our idealized, romantic stereotypes, it does serve us in a much more powerful way. Whether we recognize it’s soft flickers of light, love is with us every day, to inspire, heal, and support us.

If love could talk I think it would remind us that it’s best expression is not through heroic efforts, but through our simple daily routines like reaching out to call a friend, and taking the time to really listen and understand one another. Love would most likely tell us it can be demonstrated quite simply through thoughtful gestures and kindnesses extended to our partners, family, and co-workers. Love, I am pretty sure, would also assure us some of it’s proudest moments are when we choose forgiveness, and walk away from fear.

Although we do not always recognize the little flickers of light for what they are, daily acts of love are critical for our happiness and well being, and when we bring consciousness to their expression, it only strengthens their impact. Regardless, they are a beautiful testament to love, which, despite it’s complexity, shines faithfully within each one of us, whether it is Valentine’s Day or not.

With tremendous gratitude for all the love I have been blessed to share in my life.

Love's Declaration

I am not empty promises
or chocolate induced words of endearment,
I am the fire within
that is always burning,
I am a comforting hug
And faith that never dies,
I am the triumph of tulips in the spring,
And kindnesses given freely,
I am shared hope
And outstretched hands,
I am the colors of the rainbow,
A gentle heart filled with compassion,
I am the faithful light that shines within,
I am love...


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