The Gifts of Quiet Reflection

Some of my greatest lessons and deepest joys have come about from quiet reflection. For me, writing brings rich opportunities to connect with the stillness within, to delve a little deeper than I might otherwise, and in so doing, gain valuable insights. So often when I sit down to write I feel as if I am gently being guided, and I often have no idea what will appear on the page. With faith and curiosity I allow the words, like pieces of a puzzle to emerge onto their stage, then I step back to see what gift I have been given. Below is one of those gifts…

Love's Grace

Be still, and listen,
for in darkness,
or in light,
love is there,
magically woven
into the intricate thread
of every moment, 

both comfort and joy
are found in momentary pause,
when we watch a shooting star,
or fall down in despair,
the greater meaning
is never found outside of us,
only discovered in mindful breath,

for every triumph and tragedy,
every miracle,
every mystery,
is a part of who we are,
and waiting gracefully
in quiet reflection
lies love...

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